Prepare Your Home To Sell Quickly

What you NEED to Do BEFORE Listing Your Home

You’ve decided to sell, but don’t know where to start. The to-do list is LONG! Preparing to sell your home shouldn’t be rushed. There are, of course, extenuating circumstances that happen. But, if you have the advantage to plan it out, I recommend giving yourself at least three to four weeks to get everything together. This will also give you time to plan your next steps as your prepare your current home for the market.

It can seem overwhelming when you think about what needs to be done in and around your home to get it show-ready, but, if you break it down by each space, the task suddenly becomes very doable! I’ve been through the process a couple of times and have learned a few tricks to share with you.


Last year, during quarantine, when we all had an ungodly amount of time on our hands and stuck at home, I began to tackle every room in my house. Eventually, every drawer, cabinet, closet and even the attic had been cleaned out and completely organized. I was thankful I had done this when we decided to jump into the crazy pandemic market and sell later that summer.

I know it probably seems simple and maybe even obvious, but as I did, declutter your home. A decluttered space will not only help your home show better to potential buyers, but it will also help in the moving process. You will have already cleaned out all those extra bobby pins, half-empty shampoo bottles, and Tupperware lids that don’t have matches. You’ll be able just to pack up and not worry about sorting through the junk.

A clean and organized home also stands out in the market. You would be surprised at how many sellers skip this step and more than likely regret it, as their home will sit longer than it should. Most buyers have a hard time seeing past the “stuff” to see the great features of your home. Help them see it!

Curb Appeal

Next, assess your curb appeal. Do your beds need tending? Sometimes just pulling weeds, adding some pops of color with some inexpensive plants, and fresh mulch can make all the difference! What about the trees and shrubs? Can you see your front entry? If not, trim things back a bit. Make your home feel welcoming. And please don’t forget about your windows and doors! So often we see dirty windows and porches, and the difference between a smudgy window and a clean one is HUGE!! Natural light can travel through easily which makes your home feel airy and bright. Give your windows, doors, and even the exterior of your home a good washing. Touch up paint, inside and out, can also go a long way! Fresh paint is always a good idea!


Then there’s staging. You know how I said most buyers can’t see past “stuff”? This is true even with furniture and decor. Keep things simple. The more their eye is drawn to the details in your home, such as a fireplace, beams along the ceiling, a beautiful chandelier over the dining table, or the view that surrounds the property, the better. Showcase those things all while helping them understand the functionality and purpose of the room. The same can be said to help hide the negatives in the room. Not enough light? Add some with lamps, showcase the window if there is one and use neutral colors throughout the room. Is there an awkward layout? Place furniture in a way that helps it flow and fits into the room perfectly. Play off the architectural details of your home when choosing furniture and textiles. The buyer will fall in love with a space that looks and feels beautiful!

Staging the outside of your home is also a great idea. Add some outdoor furniture on your front porch, if there’s room. Potted plants also make a great first impression. Do the same for the back of your property. Help the buyer envision themselves sitting there having coffee and enjoying the view. It will also help them feel like there is “extra square footage”. The more space the better!

Repairs and Cosmetic Fixes

It’s best to tackle the repairs around your home before trying to sell. A home inspection done for a buyer will more than likely catch all of the things you didn’t think it would. Getting the “to do list” done beforehand will give your home a better “grade” on the report. This will help avoid hiccups in the selling process as well. As a seller, you are required to disclose any defects you’re aware of, so you might as well fix them so they are not an issue. While you have your tools out, go ahead and change some of the dated fixtures around your home. Cabinet pulls, bathroom towel rods and fixtures are usually pretty inexpensive, easy to change and can update the room! You know the brass that the 90’s wants back? Give it to them! Not everything from that decade is back in style! 🤪

Assess, Do, Sell

So, you see, it doesn’t have to be a complete remodel to get your home marketable. Sometimes just a good sprucing up is all you need to do to show buyers why your home is the best on the market! Think of it as a quick makeover. But it certainly doesn’t need to be rushed. Make a plan, give yourself some time and grace. You’ll end up with a fresh home to present to future buyers, which in turn makes for a quicker sell and more profits!

What about you? Did you also take advantage of quarantine and declutter or get some home projects done? What would you still like to do before you sell your home? If you need some guidance with the steps, ask one of us! We’d love to help!